Our Happy Clients

Mark believes in only getting things done when they are needed, Mark replaced my front brake pads plus some other things that needed to be done now and told me there was another 5000k’s left in my back brakes. He said he would text me when he felt I would be needing them replaced based on my monthly milage. He text me and we replaced them 4 months later. I like this kind of service and care, makes me feel like a valued customer. Many Thanks Again Mark



A very honest mechanical team that don’t do the hard sell, just quote what is needed to be done and when, very good service.



What I was quoted was what I was charged, no hidden extras or bogus charges I have had before from other repairers. Will definitely recommend you… Cheers



Mark you are a patient man, thanks for explaining to me what needed to be done in a way that I could understand, I know nothing about cars and you took the time and made sure I knew what was happening and why. I now know a little more than I did before (which isn’t much) but I am nowhere near an expert. By the way the car is running perfectly and cost me nowhere near what I had been quoted elsewhere, you are a gem. Thanks



Now an office worker, I have a 20 year mechanical and spare parts background. When asked by people from work where to take their car, I always recommend Main Drive Motors. These guys are genuine and can be trusted with their advice. They will only replace what they need to and they’ll do it right. It’s very hard to find a mechanic like this. 5 Stars!